Chinese Word Photo

Chinese character is the world’s most unique words, each characters are special patterns which are tattooed by tattoo’s fans. Just put the most meaningful Chinese character on your pictures, make it stand out from others!

* 184 popular characters and vocabularies included.
* Every kind of languages build-in iPhone/iPad/iPod could be inputted.
* All the characters are movable and scalable.
* 2 different kinds of image effects.

對「Chinese Word Photo」的想法

  1. Thank you for Chinese word photo.
    It is just what I was looking for.

    I would like to suggest a couple of enhancements that would add to the value of your app.
    At the moment it seems to be able to display characters and text in black only.
    A choice of text and character colors, including white and red would be useful.
    Also the addition of a few common “chop" symbols in red would be nice.

    Keep up the good work!

    Michael Turk

    1. Thanks for your feedback.

      I just finished the v1.1 , you will soon to have this version for free upgrade.

      v1.1 let you change the color of the words freely !

      Regarding the “chop" , very good suggestion, due to this function need some art design work, I will put it on the schedule.

      thanks again

      Dec Dive

  2. Can you please advise if the Chinese Word Phot app alters or reduces the strting resolution of the image upon which the Chinese Word is placed? I start with 4256×2832 pixel images. What will i end up with after applying a Word to the image?



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