If you want to synthesize different photos into one photo, Synthesis+Fx will be your best choice.Without complicated method of operations, you just need to choose top and back photos simply, the new photo will be completed.Synthesis+Fx can change the bright part of the top photo into transparent, and the dark part into translucent by special techniques. It will become the best Synthesis effect which is balancing both photos’ definitions perfectly.

Synthesis+Fx offers three filters – printmaking effect, Che Guevara effect and Emboss effect. you can choose any part for keeping the original color, which can combine original color with special effect perfectly. Presenting visual Artistic feeling.


*Not only can synthesis two photos, but also can make the new photo as the back photo then add another photo for re-synthesizing.

*The back Photo’s Transparent is Changeable.

*Blur effect can make the back photo blurred.

*Also can change the back Photo’s Brightness.

*The size of the top photo is movable, and iPad user can move the top photo as well.

*Character addable. (No language limited, any iPhone/iPad’s build-in languages can be entered.)

*Character’s color, size and location are changeable.

*For single photo, it offers three filters:printmaking effect, Che Guevara effect and Emboss effect, but still could keep the part of original color.


Please select brighter photo to be the back photo because after the top photo use filters, it will keep the dark part. Or you can make the back photo brighter, that the top photo will be more obvious.



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