Do you have thousands of photos but most of them are wonderless?   Filter + Synthesis is the greatest and most extraordinary app for turning your photos into work of art.

Phantasy includes 39 delicate back photos with different styles and varied filters, make your photo from ordinary to stunning in few seconds by using special filters and synthesis. The happiest thing is that you don’t have to spend time on editing the details, everything will be done as you just choose your effect back photo. The operational process will give you an easiest experience you’ve never had.

Generally, all the photos just include two parts – brighter and darker. Phantasy will remind you that the back photo is suitable for using brighter photo or darker photo, and adjusts all the details of filter in advance, to get the best synthesis finish.

* Except small number of effect, most effect is scalable, then move your photo, trim the excess part, the perfect synthesis is completed.

* photo’s transparent is changeable.

* Mirror effect changed by different effect-style.

* Support high-resolution save.

Suggestion: To get the best synthesis, choose photo which is bright and dark distinctively.




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2 則回應給 Phantasy

  1. Hi There! I am reaching out to let you know that your app will be presented in a workshop that I (@tiedemania on Twitter) will be presenting with (@fuglefun on Twitter) at the upcoming #NAEA12 National Art Education Association Conference on March 3rd NYC. See new iPads in Art website and how students are using Phantasy app in the art room!
    Thanks for creating such a wonderful app! It allows students to incorporate traditional and digital art making tools!

  2. decdive 說:

    Glad to hear that, thank you.


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