PaintingFoto can turn your photos into different styles’ painting texture swiftly! All the styles are very extraordinary just like watercolor painting effect, printmaking effect, sketch drawing effect, oil painting effect, rubbing effect…etc. Just one simple step away that make you a painting master.

36 painting effects, include some special effect – combine painting and photo effects in one photo, it will become a unfinished-painting-look, and full of fun and unique visual effect. In addition, there are 10 different color groups of printmaking effects can be chosen, watercolor painting, sketch drawing and rubbing style can adjust color depth and the transparent of photo as well.

Painting Foto definitely is the App which is the simplest and the most extraordinary that you have ever used.




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5 則回應給 PaintingFoto

  1. Gayl Barton 說:

    Love this App but have no idea where the saved photos are.

  2. decdive 說:

    Dear, The first time you use this app, it would ask that your position, press YES, then there will have a independent catalog in the build-in album. Press NO, it would just exist in the camera roll .

    thank you very much

    Dec Dive

  3. salvatore alfino 說:

    I wish to know how to reset application “PaintingFoto".
    In that application i do not back.
    Mr. Salvatore.

  4. Tom Starno 說:

    I can’t get the painting-foot app to store my work into my photos. It does it on my iPad, but not on my iPhone. Please tell me what to do. I looked at the previous posts, and still have no clue. Please help.



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