Do you like collecting stamps? Can’t stop loving the variety of

stamps around the world? You can make the most unique stamp that is

exclusively yours!

[Stamp+Postcard] offers 6 different styles’ stamp

patterns to put photo which was taken by your own. In addition,

[Stamp+Postcard] has 6 photo filters to stir up your creativity, makes

a delicate, interesting, graceful and cool stamp!

Furthermore, [Stamp+Postcard] provides different styles of eCard

which also can put your photo in the card and post text as well. To

put the build-in 49 English fonts on your stamp that allow your

imagination full play.

[Stamp+Postcard] includes three tools for

creating personal style’s eCard. Mail and share it with you friends



* 6 beautiful stamp patterns* 6 photo filters ( Printmaking

effect, oil painting effect, silver-coin effect, etc.. )

* 12 kind of eCards

* 49 fonts(English), Support every languages build-in iPhone/iPad 

* 10 colors of font

* Photos put in stamp or eCard are moveable, scaleable and cuttable

* Text is free to move, scale, change color and transparency, then put in any position of eCard.

* You can e-mail your eCard or save in the photo album

* Can save or delete your stamps, or e-mail it directly.


* User of iPhone/iPod, please make the stamps by choosing

4:3 or 3:4 photo.

In-App purchase: Full Stamp style + Filter pack

* Extra 6 stamp patterns

* Extra 6 photo filters ( for making stamp)

Free 6 photo filters for users who have already purchased Full Stamp

style + Filter pack.



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