Do you like Typographic portraits art? [PDF+TextImage] offers a fast way to make Typographic portraits: Synthesize PDF and photo.

Save your text which has edited by text editor as PDF file, and import it into [PDF+TextImage], the PDF will become the text mask. Just one step to have the amazing Typographic portraits!

Benefit using PDF: You are free to use the fonts in your computer (which are not in iPhone/iPad). Therefore, every languages are supported. That’s why you can edit the text’s size and space and different fonts faster !

[PDF+TextImage] is also a PDF reader which can support multiple pages. After import your multiple pages’ file into [PDF+TextImage], you can choose the specific page you want to use, and synthesize with the photo.

The page of PDF file can be changed the position or scaled to synthesize with your photo. Therefore, synthesize the photo’s specific part with PDF file is possible. In addition, you can save the Typographic portraits as a png file(transparent background), and re-synthesize with the original photo.

Why do you use PDF file? Because it is the fastest and the most familiar way for you to edit your text (specially large amount text ), isn’t it?

To get the best synthesis of large amount text and photo, typeset your text closer and narrow the line spacing will be better.

The text’s color of PDF content must be black for having the best synthesis.






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