[Resize Me] has the most useful and simplest function:  Change the size of a large number of photo.

If you need to change the size of photos at the same time quickly, definitely,  [Resize Me] will be your best choice ever.

No matter what photos’ size or straight type or horizontal type you have, all you need to do is set ONE number up, and [Resize Me] will modify all photo’s longest side into the number you set, also the other side will enlarge up or narrow down proportionally. For example, the photo’s size is 1200 x 800,and you enter 480, so the size will become 480 x 320. Therefore, the number you set will be the maximum side of all photos.

When changing the size of lots of photos, the number you set will be the maximum size of all photos as well. For instance, you have two photos’ sizes are 800 x 1200 and 960 x 440, and you set 500 up, they will become 334 x 500 and 500 x 229.

If you set a number is bigger than the photo’s longest side, then the photo will be enlarged up. Otherwise, it will be narrowed down.

All photos after changing are saved in app file sharing of iTunes.


* The maximum number could be use is 1999.
* Enter the lower number, the processing speed will be faster, and more photos can be used.


This application needs ‘Location Services’ to be turned on. This app does not actually determine the current position or any GPS/data.



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