Dream Foto

Dream Foto makes your photo into a dreamlike photo.

1. After you select a photo, the bright part of the photo will be blurred, and the dark part keep original. for example, portrait, the bright part of skin will be blurred, but the dark part which like hair, eyes and eyebrows are still dark as original.

2. 75 dream effects can be used. Such as bubble, smoked, spotlight, snow, abstract lights, star, cloud, thunder…etc, can make your photo more fun and beautiful.

* * Free to change color of effect for getting the best photo’s color tone.

* Text it: 6 special fonts, 48 build-in fonts available

* 4 filters : Blur, bright, contrast, and sepia.

Tips: If you want to keep the original- like photo (without the bright blur effect), just select " Undo".





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