[Crack Foto] makes fantastic crack effect for your photo. For further adjustments, every crack effect is independent layer which can be adjusted with color, size and position as you want. [Crack Foto] gives you the most stunning cracked photo!

[Crack Foto] is special about changing photo into different kinds of embossed material, and then with crack effect to create an unique art image!

There are three levels of crack effect – Low, medium and high. Crack of every level is different, so you have to choose the best level for the photo. But still it is possible to adjust the size of crack independently.

* 86 crack effects of different sizes.
* Crack effect can be changed with position, color and size.
* 8 embossed materials.
* If you use original photo with crack effect, filters of emboss, contrast, brightness, yellowish and sharpen can be used as well.
* Text : 6 special fonts and 48 build-in fonts.
* Possible to change text’s color, size and position.





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