Cartoon Style

You can make a cartoon style of a portrait by yourself only one step after.

[Cartoon Style] can help you to convert your photos to become the cartoon style in only few minutes. The only one step is to select your photo, then [Cartoon Style] will simplify the details and strengthen black lines of the photo automatically for you.

After converting, you can keep adjusting what you like by shaping the black lines; simplify the colors and changing the contrast of the light-colored part.

You will have your personal style for your cartoon painting by these adjusting tools.

Three styles from [Cartoon Style]

1, Painting realistically of cartoon style:

By coarsening the dark-lines and increasing stereoscopic effect of the light-colored part.

2, Simplified-lines of cartoon style:

By simplifying the light-colored parted and dark-lines.

3, Recover the dark-colored part:

By recovering the dark colored part to original. To strengthen the contract.

TEXT: 6 unique of cartoon fonts, 46 built-in fonts, all can be changed by position, color and size.

Offer low, medium and high DPI

Suggestion: [Cartoon Style] prefer a portrait than a scenes photo.






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