Nashville effect is very popular cause it can do the special mood of movie-like and retro.  [ Nashville+Fx ] offers 177 additional effects for making Nashville effect perfect.

Additional effects of [ Nashville+Fx ] make up by " Lights", such as radiate light, spot light, star light, polar light …etc.

All additional effects could choose 9 gradient colors, includes Rainbow color, golden and silver gradient color tones to make layering image. You can easily have the new experience by using [ Nashville+Fx ] gradient color with yellowish Nashville.

[ Nashville+Fx ] can also change the color tone of image, all you can choose from Nashville’s yellowish tone to another 9 different color tones, in addition, adjust brightness and sharpen is possible, for you to create the perfect atmosphere for your image.

Also it is easy to create unique image by changing the image into grayscale, and adjusting 10 color tones and additional gradient color effects as well.

[ Nashville+Fx ] offers 6 special fonts and 46 build-in fonts, all fonts could change size, position and color.

[ Nashville+Fx ] Supports low, medium and high DPI.



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