Twist Foto

[Twist Foto] offers five twist tools to help you the image distortion, For example, you can easily change facial features of portrait photo just like making eyes bigger, nose taller or face smaller . In landscape photographs, you can try to change the shape of the building, the shape of the clouds, and so on.

Five twist mode contains: Twirl Distortion, Pinch Distortion, Hole Distortion, Vortex Distortion and Bump Distortion. With these tools, you can convert your photo to imaginative, creative fun photos.

More, [Twist Foto] offers 100 special effects to improve the twist effect, for example, Twirl Distortion + light effects, to create the magical distorted environment or Hole Distortion + spiral light effects, to create the black hole effect…etc.. you can change the color (solid color or gradient color) , location, size and direction (by a single click or two-finger click) of the effects.

Filter part you can adjust exposure, contrast, brightness, sharpness, blur, or decrease color mode.

*Supports high, medium, low DPI save






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