Landscape Me


If you wish to convert the portrait photo into landscape , try [Landscape Me] .

The demo videos:

[Landscape Me] allows you to expand the portrait photo by 4 ways.
1. Filling color into the blank area, you can pick the color from the photo or from the color pickers.
2. Making Shattering effect.
3. Pasting the part of the photo to the blank area.
4. Putting the background image under the photo.

1. 4 styles of the synthesis.
2. Setting the gradient of the photo’s edge.
3. 11 special fonts , 46 system fonts available to input the text.
4. Allows to rotate both the photo and the text
5. 12 build-in image for you to be the background image.
6. Allows to select the image from the camera roll to be the background image.
7. Movable pieces of the shattering effect.




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